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Michigan-Made Mattresses

Locally crafted mattresses delivered to the Grand Rapids, Holland, Zeeland area with service you can only find at Van Hill

Why We Believe in Capitol Bedding

Keep it Michigan

Keeping it in Michigan is what we are all about. We partner with Capitol Bedding to provide you with high quality mattresses that have been made in Lansing for over 65 years.

We are not out to compete with the "big boys" and maximize profits. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, best value bedding that you can find anywhere.

Quality really means quality

Buying a mattress today can be a daunting process, especially with all the fancy language that is used to describe what is inside. Making up stories or cutting corners is not something we are interested in doing.

We can honestly say our Capitol Bedding mattresses use only high quality components, from natural cotton to latex to foam. Capitol Bedding mattresses are not made on a large assembly line with machines doing all the work. The mattresses we sell are made by hand, by people who understand that the quality we strive for can only be done by hand.

Taking care of the environment

When mattresses are made, there is a lot of waste generated, from packaging to unusable mattress material during the creation process. Instead of simply throwing away all the excess material, anything and everything that can be recycled is recycled. It would be easier to throw everything away, but it wouldn’t be right.

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